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The OHIO CUP is the premier AMA Ohio regional sanctioned contest to determine the best all-round radio control (R/C) thermal duration flyer in Ohio. This intense, two-day, weekend contest is held at Twin Towers Park near Yellow Springs, Ohio. It consists of four thermal duration events, one for each of the four AMA thermal duration classes: A (441), B (442), C (443), and D (444). At the end of the weekend, the overall winner is determined and retains the title of "Best R/C glider flyer in Ohio" for one year. The winner will be presented the traveling trophy for one year and will also, along with the first and second runner ups, receive plaques recognizing their outstanding achievement.

The OHIO CUP started in 1987 with the goal of bringing the best R/C thermal soaring pilots together to determine the "Best in Ohio." The winner must demonstrate superior skill as an "all-round" R/C thermal soaring pilot, capable of outstanding performance independent of the size of sailplane. The final score for the OHIO CUP combines scores from multiple events to emphasize spectrum of flying skills.

The OHIO CUP has been held every year since 1987. The format was changed in 1990 from a multiple weekend event to a one weekend event to make it easier for contestants coming from out of town. The one weekend format requires two full days of intense contest activity.

Residents from all states are welcome and encouraged to compete in each class event and each class counts as a separate contest for LSF purposes. Plaques will be awarded for first, second and third place in each class. However, only Ohio residents can compete for the overall OHIO CUP awards.

The competition is man-on-man with normalized scoring of flight times and a landing bonus of up to 100 points. Classes A (441) and C (443) will be flown on Saturday and classes B (442) and D (444) will be flown on Sunday. Sailplanes can be flown in class events where they do not exceed the projected span definition; for example, a class B sailplane can be flown in class B, C, and D events. However, note the special sailplane class restriction on OHIO CUP scores described below. Event tasks (for example, duration) will be determine by the contest director based on weather conditions. Individual class events will be scored each day and plaques awarded at the end of each day. The OHIO CUP trophy and plaques will be awarded on Sunday.

A "Spot Landing" bonus will be added to the normalized flight scores in Classes B, C, and D. A 25 foot tape is graduated in three (3) inch increments from the center of the circle. A maximum of 100 bonus points will be added with the loss of one (1) bonus point for each three (3) inches increment that the nose of the sailplane lands away from the center of the circle.

A contestant's OHIO CUP score is determined as follows: The contestants score for each event is normalized against the winner of the event. Then, the contestants three best scores are totaled to determine the contestants OHIO CUP score. The maximum points score of 3000 is possible. A contestant may fly all four classes, but only the best three scores of the four classes count toward the OHIO CUP. In addition, to emphasize the "all-round" skills of the pilot, the three OHIO CUP scores must be achieved with planes that have least two different wingspans conforming to two classes as defined below. Specifically, a class B two (2) meter sailplane cannot be flown in class B, C, and D events and have all three scores count toward the OHIO CUP; only the two highest scores of the three scores would be used for the total OHIO CUP score.

Sailplanes flown in the four classes shall conform to all AMA restrictions:

Class A, Hand-Launch Sailplanes: Projected span of not more than 1.5 meters (59.1 in.). A contestant flying in Class A is not required to throw his/her own airplane, but must be in control of the airplane at all times.

Class B, Two (2) Meter Sailplanes: Projected span limited to two (2) meters (78.8 in.) but greater than one and one-half (1.5) meters (59.1 in.).

Class C, Standard Class Sailplanes: Projected span limited to 2.53 meters (100 in.) but greater than two (2) meters (78.8 in.).

Class D, Unlimited Class Sailplanes: Projected span greater than 2.53 meters (100 in.).

Entry fees for the contests will be $7.00 per class or all four for $25.


Paul Siegel, 2004
Ohio's Cup.
Past Winners