Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers

We are a Dayton Ohio based club dedicated to all aspects of Radio Control model soaring.
We welcome beginners as well as experienced modelers.   AMA Club #889, Chartered Nov. 1972 
Upcoming Events: DARTS ohio Valley Soaring Series (OVSS) weekend:

Saturday August 12 snd Sunday August 13, 2017:

Winch Masters show at 8:00 AM
Pilot's meeting at 8:30 AM
First round immediately afterwards

Club Field, Twin Towers Area Park, 501 Yellow Springs Fairfield Rd., Fairborn, OH 45387

Event details:
AMA rules, thermal duration
Mixed launch with winches and electric launch models with limiters set to 150 meters
also high starts permitted

No on board altitude sensors permitted
100 in landing tapes, 100 points max, 1 point per inch
Seeded Man on Man format for flight groups
flight scores normalized, then landing scores added

Entry Fee: $25 per day,$40 both, hot dog lunch provided

Awards: Plaques through 3th place

Contest Director: Norman Poti (Saturday), Jerry Shape (Sunday)

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